Music Appreciation Classes with pianist/composer Emir Gamsızoğlu

“Education doesn’t need to be reformed – it needs to be transformed. The key is not to standardize education but to personalize it.” Sir Ken Robinson

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Classical music lovers of all ages and backgrounds are gathering at Chatty Pianist Emir Gamsızoğlu’s piano studio for his newly designed music appreciation classes. Join the party!

The group meets to learn interesting details about composers, different forms and periods of music while listening to Emir Gamsızoğlu’s vast archive. In every lesson Gamsızoğlu performs selected pieces from solo piano repertoire.

Emir Gamsızoğlu is a pianist-composer with a unique story; he started to play the piano at the age of 20 after quitting his career as a pro basketball player due to an injury. His Chatty Pianist concert series in West Village has been taking a lot of attention from New Yorkers for the last 3 years. Click here to read Gamsızoğlu’s interesting story.

There are two sessions scheduled on Sundays; 1pm – 3pm and 4pm – 6pm*.

Upper West Side, New York City (You’ll receive the full address after you register)

$160 ($20/hour) ; when you sign up for 4 classes (8 hour program) – Register via  Eventbrite. We encourage you to sign up for four consecutive classes.

$50 ($25/hour); Per class (Drop in)  – Select your dates and register via Eventbrite.

Space is limited. We encourage you to register early. For questions, contact :

*No class on November 27 & January 1. New groups are forming, please contact us via e-mail to learn about additional sessions to be scheduled on Saturdays and week nights.

  • In these classes Emir G. talks about the basics of music theory, notation, music terminology and music history, fun facts as well as the different structures and forms of compositions.
  • Participants are able send their questions to Emir G. before the classes so that he can prepare the class in a way that everyone can get their answers within the context of that specific lesson’s program. The classes are interactive while the program offers a personal approach.
  • Participants may want to learn about a certain piece(s) in detail and they can make their list and send the names of the pieces in advance, so that we can fit them in the flow of the program.
  • Laptops, tablets or notebooks are welcome.
  • We offer coffee, tea, wine and snacks. Feel free to bring your own drink.